Wat Bo theft
 Koh Santepheap Daily reported on January 10th, 2013:

Artifacts stolen from Reach Bo pagoda

Siem Reap province: Several pre-Angkorian artifacts dating back even to the years BC, and made of gold and bronze, and displayed in the Rajabo pagoda, Siem Reap provincial town for tourists to see, were stolen last night.

Pich Sam-ol, deputy chief of police administration post in Sala Komroek commune, said on January 10 that more than one person might have broken into the building, opened the cabinets displaying the artifacts, and took them away from 9 pm to midnight, January 9, 2013. He also said that the number of artifacts was not known yet and only the pagoda committee knew the number. There were in all 19 cabinets holding artifacts for daily display in the pagoda.

According to the chief monks Pin Sem and Sirey Sovannor, who helped collect artifacts after the war ended, the artifacts include 3 pairs of wristlets made of bronze, 5 pairs of earrings plated with gold, 1 bronze pendant, 2 bronze finger rings, and 1 pair of bronze Kav (ceremonial earrings).

He also said that according to the archeologists from the National Museum in Phnom Penh, those priceless artifacts date back to pre-Ankorian period and BC periods. Koh Santepheap Daily will publish more details about this. Radio FM 87.75, Phnom Penh and Radio FM 87.5, Battambang will broadcast information related to this incident as well.

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