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HeritageWatch sponsored a free public exhibition in the Angkor Park, which detailed the destruction the antiquities trade wreaks on Cambodia. A number of displays introduced visitors to the multi-billion dollar trade in illicit artifacts, from the looted ruins of Cambodia to the high-priced auction houses of New York. This exhibition ran for two months at the Angkor Café, opposite the temple of Angkor Wat.

Most visitors to Cambodia are unaware looting is a problem, and many even purchase looted antiquities as souvenirs. According to surveys, nearly 20% of visitors to Cambodia purchase an antiquity during their stay. This means thousands of antiquities are leaving the country as souvenirs each year! It is hoped exhibits like this one will make tourists realize that if you truly value Cambodian art, the worst thing you can do is buy it.
"Remembering where you have come from is as important as knowing where you are going."

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