Heritage Friendly Tourism Campaign

In 2007, with the cooperation and support of the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage Watch put into motion an exciting and dynamic campaign with seven main aims;

  1. Promote Responsible Tourism
  2. Promote the arts, culture, heritage and development projects in Cambodia.
  3. Discourage Heritage Destruction
  4. Encourage Private Sector Philanthropy
  5. Inspire Visitors to Discover more of Cambodia's Fascinating Heritage
  6. Encourage Longer Stays in Cambodia
  7. Alleviate Stresses on Heritage Sites by Suggesting Alternative Routes/Destinations

Campaign Aims for the Tourism Sector

By supporting and collaborating with other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the fields of arts, culture, preservation and archaeology, Heritage Watch promoted exciting tourist activities. This encouraged tourists to stay in Cambodia longer as they enjoy and participate in unique tours, arts festivals, arts and crafts expositions, architecture tours, and expert speaker tours. All these activities were promoted through TouchStone magazine a tourism magazine produced by the Heritage Watch team.

Campaign Aims for Government and Non-Governmental Research Entities

The campaign aimed to make information and news on research and development in Cambodia easily accessible. It covered projects implemented by APSARA, the EFEO, the University of Sydney, Heritage Watch, Sophia University and other government or non-governmental bodies that help contribute to heritage preservation, conservation and sustainable development. It aimed to highlight all the work these organizations are doing in Cambodia, giving the public a deeper understanding and appreciation of what can be achieved to develop and enrich the country.

Campaign Aims for the Corporate and Private Sector

The campaign highlighted the contributions made by the corporate sector to the community. Multinational companies play a big part in encouraging corporate responsibility and setting the standard for work ethics in Cambodia. Their most valuable contribution is the influence they have in leading others in the private sector to give back to the community. Heritage Watch is grateful to ANZ Royal, Petronas, DHL, Bangkok Airways and Siem Reap Airways for their sponsorship and for leading the way in corporate responsibility.

Campaign Aims for Small Businesses

The campaign aims to actively promote all the businesses that were certified Heritage Friendly. Certified businesses met criteria that encouraged responsible tourism and developed local economic sustainability. These small businesses were and are integral in promoting local products, arts and culture to an outside market. The campaign aimed to showcase and encourage patronage of Heritage Friendly businesses

Campaign Aims for Non-Profit Organizations

The campaign aimed to provide exposure to small NGOs and non-profit organizations promoting projects and initiatives undertaken by these NGOs through TouchStone magazine.

Survey Results

In July 2008 Heritage Watch conducted a survey of 241 visitors of varying nationalities to Cambodia. The results were encouraging with 74% of respondents stating that it was important or very important to know that a product or service was being provided by a 'Heritage Friendly Business'. Seventy-three percent of respondents stated that they would be willing to pay a premium for products if they came from a Heritage Friendly Business.



"Remembering where you have come from is as important as knowing where you are going."

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