Generals, Guns, Methamphetamines and Statues
 The Cambodia Daily reported November 3rd that four men, two of them highranking generals, had been charged with smuggling 1kg of methamphtetamine, possession of illegal AK-47 rifles and an Angkorian statue. 
The group were aprehended speeding along Rt. 4. Maj. Gen Khuon Roeurn one of the group, denied knowledge of the drugs outside the court where he was interviewed. Maj. Gen. Lay Virak declined to comment.
No details were available on the Angkorian statue.
Massive statue found at Ta Prohm Angkor
A massive statue has been unearthed recently at Angkor near the eastern entrance to the huge Mahayana temple of Ta Prohm. The statue is that of the Buddha (possibly styled to resemble the Khmer King Jayavarman VII) sitting upon Muchalinda. Muchalinda is a mythical hooded, seven-headed snake that sheltered the Buddha from torrential rains just prior to his enlightenment. 

The statue, which is missing both the Buddha head and snake hood, was found entwined in the roots of a tree. In its entirety it is nearly 2.4 m in height and were the head present would probably have been nearly 4m tall. 

The Ta Prohm temple, originally known as the Rajavihara, was built by Jayavarman VII and consecrated in 1186 C.E.

Banteay Chhmar Community-based Tourism has new website!
The Banteay Chhmar Community-Based Tourism (CBT) group which is working with Heritage Watch has gone live with a new website and is pleased to welcome visitors to our official visitor’s site.  The site will provide visitors with information about the 12th century Angkorian Temple, homestays, travel & booking information and tourist activities in the area.
Please visit by clicking here
Bronze, gilded Pinnacle found at Banteay Chmar
 Workers with the Global Heritage Fund at Banteay Chhmar (where Heritage Watch is involved in a training/development project for tourism) have discovered a beautiful gilded bronze pinacle. While working on Tower 18N the object was discovered between stones in late August of 2011. It is thought that the object originally was located at the top of the tower which is decorated in the Bayon style with a large face, presumably that of King Jayavarman VII.
Australia repatriates antiquities

The Australian government has made great efforts to thwart the trade in illegal antiquites in recent months. First, working with Heritage Watch a range of looted bronze bangles from Cambodia were repatriated. In late September the good work continued as the Australian government turned over objects confiscated from an Australian business comprising nine Peruvian artefacts, including fragile textile remnants, woven and pottery dolls and gold foil artefacts and two miniature pots of the Hashemite period were returned to the Kingdom of Jordan.

The objects were officially returned under the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986. Sally Basser, FAS, Office for the Arts (OFTA) handed over the objects on behalf of the people of Australia at ceremonies held with the Peruvian and Jordanian Ambassadors.



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