Sri Lanka Museum Robbed

Saman Gamage reports that several artifacts dated to the Kandyan period of Sri Lanka were stolen from the Colombo National Museum in a night-time raid in Mid-March, 2012.

Thieves made off with several gold swords, rings, a royal walking stick, gold coins and an upper costume made of gold.

This was the second theft at the National Museum – the first being about two decades ago when a gold Buddha statue went missing.

Angkor Wat Replica to be built in India
The BBC has reported that the state of Bihar in India is to be the home of a new, larger version of the iconic Angkor Wat temple. According to the article, the project will take 10 years to complete and cost an estimated 20 million US dollars. 
The new temple, slated to be the largest Hindu temple in the world will be called Virat Angkor Wat Ram, presumably dedicated to Vishnu, as Rama is an avatar of the Hindu deity, Vishnu. Angkor Wat itself is a Vishnuvaite temple built in the 12th century.

New York Times Story on the Koh Ker statue
 The New York Times has published an aritcle regarding two statues that once graced the temple site of Koh Ker, Cambodia. The story titled 

Mythic Warrior Is Captive in Global Art Conflict  can be found here.

Op-Ed on Antiquities from
 Kent Davis chips in on the debate over statuary and the illegal antiquities trade here.

Call to halt sale of 'blood antiques'
 The Cambodian Government has asked New York auction house, Sotherby's, not to sell an ancient statue it suspects was looted during the Khmer Rouge era.

See the full story here.

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